Odd man out

Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2020-03-19 in Pop
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Lately my guilty pleasure has been watching YouTube. Well, it has always been my guilty pleasure, but right now I really like a specific format by a YouTube channel called Jubilee. It's called Odd Man Out. Firstable, I'm in love with the name; it's basically another way to say "A fish out of water", which is a phrase to which I can relate a lot.

Okay, okay, I'll stop procrastinating telling you what it is; I can feel your frustration trough the screen and the time barrier that divides us.
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So, you have some people in a box (not a real box, an outline of a box made out of neon lights, we don't recommend putting people in a real box) that have all something in common. It could be being gay, introverts, gamers, GenZers or Christmas lovers; every episode has a theme. All the people in the box have this thing in common. All, except one: the mole, or the fish out of water or the odd man out, if you will.

The game in divided in various rounds where these people will ask each other questions to discover who is the mole. At the end of each round they'll secretly vote the person they think is the mole and the person who gets more votes will exit the box. The rounds keep going as long as somebody in the box still thinks that the mole is inside. At the end the lights of the box will turn green if the mole is out, red if he or she is still in. If the mole has been voted off the people remaining will split the cash prize, but if the mole is still in she or he will get to keep all the money for him or herself.
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It's a really interesting game, especially because you get so invested in it, trying to understand who the mole is. My favourite episodes are: "Who is not gay?" "Who is not an introvert?" "Who is not a teen?", they have really shocking revelations, I recommend you check them out.
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