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Published by Charlie on 2020-03-19 in Pop
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For all of those who miss going to the cinema, there's someone who has the solution! Truth is the magical atmosphere of a cinema is difficult to recreate, but if are not willing to give up its general idea there you go what you can do.

"Alice nella Città", an independent Film Festival based in Rome, called for people with a projector to turn it on at 10 p.m. and project a film on the buildings near their home. That way everyone in their apartment block can enjoy all together a good movie, from Florence to Manila in the Philippines, many people have joined this special flashmob, pleasing many. Unity and support from a community comes in different shapes and forms, in Italy many are already singing from their balconies, playing instruments for their neighbours and so on... together can help feeling more connected to others around you.

If you do have a projector, or you know anyone that does, why not doing a good action for people living next to you, although please communicate with your neighbours and try not to annoy your neighbours, check if what you're doing it's alright with them (text them, don't go see them).

Hope to see you do that! Have a safe quarantine and stay at home!

Here's a link to their facebook page!
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