To wax or not to wax?

Published by Charlie on 2020-03-12 in Pop
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Is it just me or are we really concerned of how we look? I get being self-conscious, I am too quite a lot, however I think that sometimes we feel the pressure to look a certain way or do certain things.

Do we really have to shave every. part. of. our. body.? Do we really have to worry about stretch marks? All those things are natural, why is there a problem with that? I am so tired of being scared or feeling judged.

I'm not saying that whoever care of how they look is insecure, I do too and I think that if you don't like a part of your body you should have the right to change it however you like, but don't feel obliged to do that. You don't have to be perfect, nobody is, we are all human and flawed. Love yourself and life is going to be a lot easier for you.

Plus, nobody is going to focus on your stretch marks, you would never look at someone and notice every single imperfection they have, so people won't do that to you generally speaking. Try to realize what are the things that really matter, if people are judging you for something irrelevant it just means that they really have to revise their priorities.
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