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Published by Charlie on 2020-03-12 in Detective
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I'm no magician but I bet you're bored. I don't know about you but when I'm bored I usually think about exotic lands and all the adventures and travels I could do if I hadn't had to stay at home. In one of these occasions, reading a newspaper, I found something pretty dope.

Basically, in eastern Europe the Baltic countries (for the "I suck at geography" those are Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Finland and Poland) have decided to start this amazing project of building a railway which will pass through all of these amazing countries. The Rail Baltica, as they decided to call it, should be finished by 2026 and from then on, I bet that all the kids graduating from high school will want to do this super interrail trip.
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Although I think that this will be a great opportunity for European people (and not only) to discover these beautiful countries which are most of the time underrated, the building of the Rail Baltica might create some problems. First of all, for some involved countries it will be difficult to bring an end to the project if the communicating strategy between them doesn't change. In fact it seems that some of these countries want to do everything on their own. Moreover, there is the fear that it will have a negative impact on the environment so here's another solution they will have to think about.

So, at the end of the day, we don't actually know if the Baltic governments will manage to open the railway by the time they estimated. We surely hope they do but until then, we just have to wait.