Being polyamorous

Published by Charlie on 2020-03-06 in Detective
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How can someone be in love with more than one person? Well, you definitely can!

Polyamory is defined as "the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time". Polyamorous relationships have to be consensual and all partners involved have to know about the others. Basically you're in a relationship with multiple people, which can seem stressful cause, I mean, we only have time for one am I right?
Polyamory is actually about the concept of feeling great affection for a lot of different people at a time and being able to express this love without being shamed nor judged.

Polyamorous people believe the concept of monogamy was actually imposed by society and has become a social norm that does not work for everyone. Every polyamorous relationship has different rules and boundaries that the partners decide autonomously and that have to work for them, regardless on what others expect.

For them commitment is not and should not be simply about physical contact, although let's make crystal clear that polyamory is not just about sex. The different people, besides being intimate with one another, go on dates, share interests and activities... just like any other relationship.

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But how can they love equally every significant other? They can't, so what do they do? Do they "rank" their partners? Although people with two equally important partners exist, most of polyamorous people have a primary partner with whom they might live and build a family with, along with other people who they simply enjoy being around.

I personally believe that it takes a lot of confidence and trust to be in a polyamorous relationship and I'm not sure it would work for me. However, knowing someone who is herself polyamorous really got me thinking (also because I knew nothing about it), so I hope this article got you thinking as well.

In the meantime, check out this awesome video by Jubilee where polyamorous and non-polyamorous people discuss the topic. It's really interesting if you want to find out more!
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