Harvey Weinstein found guilty

Published by Charlie on 2020-02-27 in Detective
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A couple of days ago Harvey Weinstein was officially found guilty of rape as well as criminal sex. Harvey Weinstein was a very powerful film producer, he created the Weinstein company with his brother and produced many successful movies including "Good Will Hunting".

However, what he is now be known for is for the fact that around 80 women accused him of sexual assault. This sexual allegations against him began in 2017 thanks to the #MeToo movement, many women had the chance to come forward and denounce his behaviour. Among them there are a lot of famous actresses who later became activists and kept on fighting for the cause, he was referred to, at some point, as a serial raper.

At the beginning he, of course, denied everything and he is only now been recognised as guilty for his faults. Although this might seem like a victory, we have to keep in mind that he is not being charged fot the other more serious claims, predatory sexual assult for instance. As it took more than two years to barely acknowledge his acts, it's undeniable that more work has to be done. The #MeToo movement was just the beginning.