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Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2020-02-20 in Pop
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We all know how it goes; you get back from a trip and all you want to do is sleep and eat for the next week. You just can't get back in your routine, or back on track, if you will (what a title reference). Well, I'm coming to the rescue, with some tips to help you recover from your trip.

Firstable, let's talk about your suitcase. I'm sure it's lying in the middle of your room, maybe opened but still untouched. We need to get rid of that mess. So, unpack it. All of it. I know you don't want to, but think about how happy and relieved you'll feel once everything will be in its place.
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Now, open the window for ten minutes. For how many days has it been closed? You'll make the atmosphere so much better and breathable. But remember to leave the room, you don't want to catch a cold on your first day back home.

Next, have a shower and get changed. I also recommend you wash your hair, but you can skip them if you've already washed it pretty recently. This is both to help you feel refreshed and wash away all the possible germs you could've picked up in the transportations you used.

After doing all this stuff, go to sleep (unless you're not tired at all, or you're trying to defeat jet lag). This is pretty self-explanatory.
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Congratulations! You're now half way through your detoxification from travelling. You've done the hard work, now you just have to remember your routine and start from that. I suggest you begin slowly the first morning, maybe drink some coffee and read a book, take it slow.

But, most importantly, get in touch with your friends in your hometown. I know you're really missing your friends from your trip and you of course can feel sad and nostalgic, but don't live too much in the past. It won't make you happy. Post the photos, re-watch the videos and follow them on instagram, but go out with your hometown friends. They have missed you and you've missed them. And remember that the friends you made aren't dead. You can still keep in touch with them with the millions of social networks we have!

I wish you a peaceful recovery.
(And remember to stay hydrated).
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