Published by Charlie on 2020-02-20 in Nerd
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Maybe I'm not the person who should talk about this cause I'm still new in this field but who knows, maybe I'll write something that could catch your interest. The field I'm talking about is anime. I've just recently discovered this magical world and I'm starting to be passionate about this. I haven't watched much but there is one serie which I liked a lot: Steins;Gate

Let's start with saying that the anime is based on a videogame. Let's add that the story is about science and physics. Let's also say that it involves time travel. Could that BE any cooler? I don't think so. The plot is set in Tokyo, more precisely in the Akihabara district, and the protagonist is an unusual guy (Rintaro Okabe) who claims to be a crazy scientist. With his assistant, Mayuri Shiina, he manages by chance to transform a microwave into a kind of travel machine. Now, they cannot travel back in time, however they can send messages with their phones to the past. In all of this, because of a strange timing, Okabe meets Kurisu Makise who's a talented scientist who starts to be interested in Okabe's project. So the three start sending messages to the past, without thinking about the consequences. Here is when it gets interesting.
From the moment the experiment begins, the so called butterfly effect starts. Every time they send a message, even to change something small, big consequences happen in the present, and a new parallel universe is created. The problem in all of this mess is that at a certain point so many things have changed that no one knows which universe is the alpha one (the real one). Lots of things happen in the meantime and I could spend hours trying to write the details but ya know... go and see it for yourselves.

As I said I'm not an expert but guys, trust me, you want to see this one. It's perfect for everyone: physics nerds, time travel nerds, romantic (yes, there's also romance in all of this) nerds, technology nerds, every kind of nerd. And even if it talks about complex stuff and concepts, it's not difficult to follow (even I, who managed to have more or less all Ds in physics, understood it). What are you waiting for? Go go go see it!!

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