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Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2020-02-13 in Pop
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Have you ever seen someone who's in their element? It's when you're doing what you love the most, your eyes shine and your heart feels full of joy. People can tell and I think it's the best thing in the world. Do you want to know how you can find your element? Keep on reading.
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Do you have a passion?
Something that you love doing and are good at (or not yet). Something that gives you joy. That, my friend, is your element.
Some people may have more than one, or, sometimes, not even one. If you want to find yours, you should pay attention to what you do in your daily life; is there something that you look forward to? Try focusing on that one and see if it's your element. Otherwise, you should try something new, something out of your comfort zone.
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For me it is the radio. But I kind of already had my element. I like writing and when I did I felt happy. But it was something pretty lonely and even though I still do it and enjoy it, I knew I needed to find another passion to give meaning to my life.
And I found it here, in this radio, in which, surprise surprise, I can also write. This makes me think that I made the right decision.
The only piece of advice I can give you for your quest of finding your element is to try everything you want. When you'll find it you'll know; your heart will feel warm and you'll feel energetic and re-charged. You'll be happy.
You will be in your element.
Have faith, I know you'll find it, you just got to keep on trying. I believe in you.
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