Double standard

Published by Charlie on 2020-02-06 in Detective
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Why do I have to be home early while my brother can stay out till late?
Why do teachers tend to punish boys more than girls for the same behaviour? Is it fair to the guys?
Why are you asking your Asian classmate to help you out with math homework?

This is what is called a double standard, which explained briefly means that to the same behaviour society reacts differently according to the "category" the person judged belongs to.
Stereotypes are part of our society and come up in almost every situation of our daily life without us realizing, a guy can post a picture of him shirtless on social media and it is completely fine, whereas seeing a woman's breasts goes against many social medias' guidelines and most pictures are taken down immediately. To me there isn't much difference between a woman's nipple and a man's but it may be just me that I can't see it

But of course, it's not just about genders, for instance, generally speaking, if someone white commits a crime or is involved in a shooting, he is probably just mad. However if the same guy is black or muslim, oh boy isn't he a confirmed terrorist? In many countries *coughs* the United States *coughs* this form of racism is still well rooted and leads often to violence and biased trials.

I am giving you all homework, as it doesn't simply apply to people on the news but in most of our lives, notice when it happens to you and try to underline it. You will find out that it happens a lot more than what you may think.

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