Anti-solar cells

Published by Charlie on 2020-02-06 in Nerd
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If you're a physics nerd, weirdly passionate about solar panels or simply curious about new technologies, this is the right place to be.

Everyone knows about solar panels. Everyone heard of it at school, when speaking about sustainable energy sources or simply on TV. Be cool, I'm not trying to bother you with this common knowledge. Be ready to have your minds blown. What if I told you that some brand new anti-solar cells have been recently invented? Awesome right? But (you may ask) how do they work? Isn't it a paradox to talk about anti-solar panels? Let me explain.
A team of the University of California made the discovery and of course, it's not completely ready yet. It will pass some time before we could see one installed in our homes. The way they work it's pretty magical. So we know that solar cells work because they are cooler compared to the sun and for that reason they absorb the light coming directly from our star and then they transform it in energy which we use to make everything in our houses work. Apparently, the anti-solar cells work in the exact opposite way. It's true that the panels are colder than the sun, but they're definitely hotter that the big space. For that reason, they are able to emanate infrared radiations to the space, producing with the same mechanism of the solar panels some energy. Now, this energy it's really not that much compared with what we're able to obtain during the day, but it's still a valid discovery which will be sooner improved.

I'll keep you updated.