How to cope with exam stress

Published by Ludovica A on 2020-01-30 in Pop
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It's not something we should be ashamed about: being stressed it's normal, especially when it comes to school/university. Hobbies, exams, tests, sport, homework, it all comes together and we try to fit everything in our daily schedule, but at the end of the day there's always something we forget to do, or some activities we can't find time for. Well, you know what... we're not superman, we need to slow down a bit. I'm not here to say that teenagers should put their education above everything else and neglect and forget their social life, we can do whatever we damn want, it's different for everybody. However I could still try to help my fellas students giving some tips on how not to explode or have a mental breakdown when it comes to studying.

What I've come to realise is that I often feel overwhelmed when I know I have to study hard for a test. I feel like I want to drop out whenever I look at the amount of pages I need to memorize. However, thanks to our faithful friend The Internet, I found out that this kind of feeling can be caused by many reasons, and for every one of them, there's a remedy we could try to overcome the horrible feeling. Here's a list.
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  • Perfectionism: sometimes we can't study properly cause we think that what we are doing isn't enough, that we could repeat it better, we could have written a different version and so on. In this case I found useful to think about my work as a rough draft, as something I was always able to adjust and make better.

  • Difficult task: when you feel you're not getting it, that is too much for you call a friend. It can be helpful comparing your thoughts with someone else but I also think that talking and trying to understand from someone you trust makes you feel instantly better and less frustrated.

  • Too much work: instead of thinking of dropping out like I do, break the task into tinier pieces. Every time you complete a part you'll feel better thinking that slowly you're facing and defeating that monster.

  • Distraction: I honestly don't know if this could work with anyone (for sure it doesn't with me) but I found it pretty interesting so, here we go. If you are constantly distracted you could do one thing out of these two options: you either take every source of distraction away OR you surround yourself with lots of them like going in a café, with some music on and people talking.

What do you think? Feel free to add anything that works for you!