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Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2020-01-30 in Eco
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Are you a broke teen who likes fashion but is concerned about the environment? Do you like buying new clothes, but you feel guilty about spending too much money and being wasteful?

Well, brace yourself, 'cause I'm coming to your rescue.

Have you ever heard of thrift stores? They're shops where you can buy second-hand clothes and/or accessories. Let's imagine a cycle; let's start with you. Let's say you bought a really cool t-shirt, but after two weeks you don't like it that much anymore, or maybe it doesn't fit you the way you wanted it. Well, you can take this t-shirt to the thrift store, where somebody else will buy it and love it. There are so many perks; you'll recycle in a really cool way, finding joy and giving joy, this way we can stop being wasteful, but still being fashionable!
As a teen who loves fashion and style, I've always wanted to get more clothes. The problem: I don't have that much money and now, with climate change influencing every choice I make, I feel really guilty buying new clothes. Now with thrift stores I can solve both problems!

Sadly, there's a down side (that's life, am I right?). Now, I don't know who you are and where you're from. Maybe you live in Italy like me, or you're in China. Or maybe you're American. Well, in that case you're the luckiest out of all the teens that are reading this. Thrift stores exist, but, like everything else, they aren't evenly distributed all around the world. For example, here in Italy there are very few, but in America they're really common. It's all about the area you live in and that's pretty sad.
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You might have noticed all the videos popping up in your YouTube feed; the so-called "Thrift flips". And those, my friend, are the reason why thrift stores are becoming so popular.

Basically in a thrift flip you find young youtubers (usually American; they're ruling YouTube at this point) who, concerned about the environment like you and me, found out a way to be fashionable while reducing their carbon footprint. In these videos they get some clothes from thrift stores (second-hand and cheap) and they diy them into trendy clothes.

If you want to check them out, some of my favourites are Jessica Neistadt, Dayton Carrie and Bestdressed. They're awesome young people like you and me, who will defeat climate change dressed in really cool outfits!

So, do you want to be part of the thrifting community? We accept everyone! Come join us!
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