Climate: what is the truth?

Teen Parade 2019
Published by Charlie on 2020-03-04 in Events
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Hey guys! We really had an epic week. Between the 12th and the 14th of November Radioimmaginaria has been in Genova (Italy) at Orientamenti. There we brought Teen Parade, the festival of the world of work explained by teenagers. Not only us, but the Case cubes, a lot of guests and most importantly our Stranger Room as well! No one knows what happens in there, but those who entered without a clue about the future, magically came out with clearer ideas...

Since we want to solve some stuff once and for all, we invented Dibattib-eco. No, it's not a prehistoric bird, it does not bite and it does not change color if exposed to the sun. The rules are simple: you have a really difficult topic, a bunch of ignorant teenagers (us) and some guests with wonderful stories to tell who are ready to help us. The goal was to clear our heads about different topics. Here's what we've learnt. More or less...
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13 NOVEMBER - Climate: what is the truth? -

It looks like everyone has woken up. We stormed the streets with our Fridays for Future friends, we set up radio marathons to get a hold of what was happening during the strikes all over the world, we're more careful with everyday actions. But is the situation as worrying as it seems? Manlio Castagna, author, Elisa Palazzi, researcher of the Institute of Atmosphere and Climate of the CNR, Luca from Fridays for Future Turin, and Marco Merola, journalist and science communicator (he created ADAPTATION, a webdoc about adapting to climate change) gave us some answers.
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To talk about the climate looks like a really challenging task, and trying to make sense out of all of it is definitely impossible! We hear a lot of different info and we don't know who to trust. We don't use plastic anymore, we're careful not to waste water and we do the separate collection, but is all of this actually useful? Is something changing? And about getting informed, is there a universally right way to gather information about climate change? And most importantly, can we still do something to save the planet?
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I swear, to discuss with a science communicator, with an author, with a researcher and a FFF activist is really tough. Are we really aware? Many people of our age suffer from something that is becoming a serious problem: climate anxiety. Do we have to be afraid or do we need to be motivated and keep going our way?

It's difficult to draw conclusions from such an important topic, we could have gone on and on talking about it for hours. We tried to do that and what we understood is that truth is in science. We have to keep asking questions, read from reliable sources and scientific articles with the correct terminology. The problem exists, we have to shit ourselves a bit because the situation is serious, but we can't give up. We still have time, but we need to switch from awareness to actions!
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