The trip that changed our life

Teen Parade 2019
Published by Charlie on 2020-03-04 in Events
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Hey guys! We really had an epic week. Between the 12th and the 14th of November Radioimmaginaria has been in Genova (Italy) at Orientamenti. There we brought Teen Parade, the festival of the world of work explained by teenagers. Not only us, but the Case cubes, a lot of guests and most importantly our Stranger Room as well! No one knows what happens in there, but those who entered without a clue about the future, magically came out with clearer ideas...

Since we want to solve some stuff once and for all, we invented Dibattib-eco. No, it's not a prehistoric bird, it does not bite and it does not change color if exposed to the sun. The rules are simple: you have a really difficult topic, a bunch of ignorant teenagers (us) and some guests with wonderful stories to tell who are ready to help us. The goal was to clear our heads about different topics. Here's what we've learnt. More or less...
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12 NOVEMBER - The trip that changed our life-

Travelling is beautiful. We understood that with Oltrape, our trip around Europe from Castel Guelfo (Italy) to Stockholm on an ecological and renewed Piaggio Apecar. But can a trip actually change your life? We asked that to Lorenzo Daidone, founder and CEO of Estro, a startup that develops rehabilitation technologies for neurodevelopment disorders. He started from zero, and after he left for the Silicon Valley he realised his dream. We also asked that to Monica Pastrello, who discovered tape art in Berlin, and to Rudy Zerbi, who knew music would have become his life path after staying in London in the 80s.
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Everybody says that you have to travel to discover your own path, but nobody ever talks about how difficult is to do so. I mean, let's face it: where are we supposed to go?? What if our parents don't let us? What if in the end we are disappointed and we want to go home? Alice told us that she spent the fourth year of high school in Germany but when she came home she found everything like it was before. To be in front of people that made their dreams come true by travelling makes everything simple, but it's not always like that...
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After an hour of dialogue we got that experiences abroad are surely important opportunities to catch, but they are not necessary requirements to find your way.

Going abroad can often be a huge waste of time, and that's why you need to be sure about what you're doing before actually leaving. Many think that a trip somewhere is enough to change everything, but you need to have a goal, or at least a vague idea of what you're looking for. Otherwise you'll probably find nothing!
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