Little Women

Published by Ludovica A on 2020-01-23 in Pop
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The month of February is beginning soon and I'm starting to feel excited. A part of this excitement is because it's the shortest month (even if this year we'll have to deal with one day more than usual, thanks leap year) and that means that march is coming and spring with it. The other reason to be excited is that on the 9th of February there are going to be the Oscars!! The nominations have been recently posted on every social media and wow, every single movie is so astonishing that I couldn't pick one even if I tried. Just to give you an idea, films such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, A Marriage Story, the Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women have received many many nominations. Last week I went to the cinema to see Little Women and even if you didn't ask, I wanted to let you guys know how I found it.
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Let's start from saying that if you read the book, written by Louisa May Alcott, you won't be disappointed. With that said, don't worry if you happen to see the film without even knowing the plot, you'll catch up fast. Little Women it's basically the story of the March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. The story is set during the civil war in America and the four girls live a modest life with their mum and their maid. Every girl has a unique and particular personality and the story narrates how the four sisters get on with their lives. Now, the film blends two books: Little Women and its sequel Little Women: The sisters grow up. The plot it's not however developed in a linear way but through flash-backs and flash-forwards. Every character has its own space and is presented in a perfect and peculiar way. There are a lot of secondary characters whom relationships usually cross a lot but Greta Gerwig, the filmmaker, succeeded in creating an organic film easy to watch without losing track of anything.
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Another thing that I loved were the dialogues which were so perfectly delivered even and especially in those scenes where the March sisters were all together speaking, laughing and shouting. The dynamic between lines was so full of life and pictured exactly what having many sisters must be like.
Last but not least, Little women is a film about women, what they feel, their passions, their thoughts and fears in a time where they were seen just as marriage material. It's true, times have changed but sadly it is still possible to see a tip of truth in the story.
If I still haven't convinced you to go and see this splendid movie let me just say some names among the unbelievable cast: Saoirse Ronan as Jo, Emma Watson as Meg. Timothée Chalamet as Laurie and Meryl Streep as aunt March.
Now stop reading! Go to the cinema!
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