Boil the frog

Published by Mark D. on 2020-01-09 in Pop
Aaaand we're back... yes, back at school. It sucks right? Winter break is always so fun that I get a little traumatized every time I have to go back to that horrible place with those horrible responsibilities.
I know that we'll just have to deal with that but maybe I can suggest something that will make your days full of study and tests a little less sad.
What I'm talking about is a website which name is "Boil the Frog". I honestly found out about it on my Pinterest but thank god he knows me and knows what kind of content I need. Boil the Frog is created by Spotify and it is simply amazing. It allows you to insert two artists and it will automatically create a playlist with new music whose genre evolves from one artist to the other. It is VERY difficult to explain but I'll make an example to make you understand better.
If I search System of a Down and The Beatles the playlist is the following:
Hypnotized - System of a Down
Scar tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Come as you are - Nirvana
Black - Pearl Jam
It's my life - Bon Jovi
You could be mine - Guns N' Roses
Thunderstruck - ACDC
Rumble on - Led Zeppelin
Best of Burden - Rolling Stones
Let it be - The Beatles

Now that you know how it works have fun kids. Se ya next week