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Published by Mark D. on 2019-12-19 in Pop
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I can't believe this day would finally come but here it is: John Frusciante is back!!
H e i s b a c k. Can you believe it?
So for the ones who are currently thinking "this lady is insane" please wait a sec and I'll explain. I'm talking about the Red Hot Chili Pepper band. Back in the days they were (and for the record still are) super famous and the guitarist, John Frusciante, was know as one of the best guitarist in the music scene at the time. In 1992 though he left the band and from that moment the RHCP continued, with great success, to play.
Five days ago happened what many people stopped to believe it could happen years ago: the band posted on instagram that John will be again part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E is excited about the news especially because the band is going to be on tour soon. In relation with this unexpected turn of events in the music history, here are my thoughts about their latest album The Getaway.
You should probably take under consideration that I'm a fan (as if it wasn't already clear) and of course my judgement will be positive. I really liked it and I usually listen to it when I need energy for something or to feel tough and cool. It has the typical RHCP sound and I didn't find it extra innovative but I like it for that reason as well. My two favorite songs are We Turn Red and Goodbye Angel. The first one is insanely good and the bass part is just crazy. From a musical point of you I think that We Turn Red has everything I need to consider a song perfect. I didn't really understand the text but yes I don't think that in this case is that fundamental. Goodbye Angel is the only song that I find very different from all the others. It's more gentle than usual and in this case the text is meaningful and beautiful. Moreover the bridge is LIT.
Chapeau Red Hot, you outdone yourself.