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Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2019-12-19 in Pop
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Christmas isn't just presents, lights and decorations. Christmas means spending time with the people you love and eating with them.
Unfortunately family dinners aren't always fun, especially when you don't have your mouth full and your long lost relatives get started with their annoying questions.
So here you have some useful tips for surviving the family dinner on Christmas.

My first tip is to predict what your enemy (in this case your family) is going to do and plan accordingly. Right before they start asking something to you, ask them something instead. But be sure to pick your most narcissistic family member. This way they'll use up all the time available just talking about themselves. (Your cousins will thank you later).
Then we have the plan b. In case you couldn't predict the incoming question, and your relative is beginning it, you should scan the table with your eyes, searching for something to grab, like a snack or drink. Eat it (or drink it) as slowly as possible. This way you'll be able to temporarly avoid the question. And, if you're lucky, you'd even be able to avoid it completely, thanks to another generous relative or the lack of patient of the relative who asked you the question.

The last tip is the riskiest one, because you'll have to use it all dinner long. You do you.
I suggest you go to the kitchen and help whoever is cooking and serving the table. Not only you'll avoid every question, but you'll be praised as "the perfect child", because you're helping. Now, this comes with a price. You'll have to go back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room. It can be tiring and kinda boring, but if you really want to avoid the questions, this is the safest way to go.
Good luck, and may the force be with you!
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