It's ok to be sick

Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2019-12-12 in Pop
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The busy season is upon us. And no, I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about the one that goes from September to June. The oh-so-wonderful school. Us students are really busy, and sometimes, we can get overwhelmed. There are times when our mind and body just go "STOP!" and we have to listen to them. But sometimes we're so determinate to keep working that we don't pay attention to the signs they send us. And we have to face the consequences.
When I started getting sick this week my first thought was "I can't get sick, I just CAN'T." As opposed to "I'm getting sick, I need to calm down a bit and take care of myself."
I was so worried of getting sick and stop working that I kept saying to everyone that I wasn't. So there was this crazy girl (me) that kept shouting "I'm not sick!" waving her fist to the sky, all while blowing her nose.

Next thing you know, I'm lying on my desk, with a red nose worse than Rudolph's and just dying of headache. And still, I wanted to go to school the next day, thinking that I couldn't skip even a minute of work. I was so worried of falling behind that I didn't realize I already had. Or, at least, my body had.
I was so exhausted that I somehow fell asleep on my desk chair and woke up five hours later, feeling even worse, if possible. And still, I wanted to go to school the next day. At this point I was just desperate, hoping to feel better after a goodnight sleep. Spoiler alert: I didn't sleep at all. And the next day I stayed at home.

It took me three days and a whole lot of naps, but now, as I'm writing this article, I feel grateful that I stopped and relaxed for a bit.

I really needed a break, and now I'm ready to take over the world!
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