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COP25 special
Published by Charlie on 2019-12-05 in Eco
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Hey guys! Here I am with the weekly update about the climate!

So this week and the next one there's going to be the COP25 in Madrid, so I thought we could go a bit into that.

So first of all: what is COP25?
COP stands for Conference of the Parties and it's a meeting within the UN about climate change. COP25 literally is the 25th edition of the UN Climate Change Conference. A lot of nations have been taking part to this meeting, and the first edition was held in Berlin in 1995.

To be clear, here's a video that explains what COP21 is. COP21 was the 21st edition of COP and it was held in Paris in 2015, but the concept is exactly the same.
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So, Madrid. What's going to happen there?

We know for certain that Greta Thunberg is going to be there, as she reached Lisbon after a very long travel by boat from America exactly for this reason. And we also know that the guys from FFF Madrid have something planned for today, Friday the 6th, as they did not strike on the 29th fo November (Global Climate Strike).

Here you can find a list of the events that will happen in Madrid.

But I wanted to give the spotlight to a very nice initiative from the Prado Museum in Madrid. They basically used the collection of the museum, together with WWF, to show how climate change could affect famous paintings. So you will have something like this.
So, we can't wait to speak to our friends in the FFF movements to know what exactly they did there and how the summit went, so we will give you an update net week! COP25 lasts until the 13th after all...
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