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Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2019-12-05 in Pop
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Hey guys! I'm back with a brand new article. Well, actually this will be more than that. You have to know that in my house there has always been a turntable which only my father uses from time to time. Some years ago, I started to be fascinated by that strange, vintage and yet curious machine and I decided to use it. To make a long story short: I really liked it and now I listen to vinyls regularly. What I wanted to do here is to tell you about a different vinyl every week and let you know why I liked it.
So let's begin!!

Thriller by Michael Jackson is a classic. It is one of his first records and it is simply amazing. As you listen to it you can feel the sound of the '80 filling your body and your soul and the urge to dance becomes undeniable. It doesn't metter where you are: you can be at school, at work, at a funeral, it is impossible to resist. To the most I could sound very mainstream but I can't hide that my favorite song here is Thriller. Come on, how can someone not like that song. Let's start from the fact that it is about monsters, blood, creepy athosphere and it's perfect to play on Halloween. Moreover the music video is just ICONIC.
I bet that all of you know at least one part of the Michael Jackson's moves. It is a tiny horror movie, intriguing and scary. And I could dedicate an article to the evil laugh at the end of the song. Simply amazing. The second song that I like the most is The Girl is Mine featuring no less than Paul McCartney. It's not one of the most popular in this album but I just love it. As you listen to it, you can picture yourself dancing at the prom with your date, with a long blue dress with your head on his shoulder. It is a really romantic song which reminds me of those teenager girls in a movie from the '80.

That's it for now! Let me know wether you liked this format or not and write in the comments below! Suggestions are welcome