Global Climate Strike

Bologna, 29th of November
Published by Mark D. on 2019-11-28 in Eco
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Hey guys! Today is the 29th of November and it's a really important day because today there will be the Fourth Global Climate Strike!

We really care about this thing and since the first Global Strike we decided to strike our own way. We're gonna be on air all day long and we will call some cities all over the world to hear how teens in other countries are striking!

After having been to Naples, Rimini and Bergamo, today we will be in Bologna and from 10:00 to 16:00 we will be in contact with more than 20 cities all over the planet, from India to Turkey, from Austria to Russia.
What we really didn't like was know that very few cities will take part in the strike, compared to previous times. And we hear that the teens will be less too. Maybe it's that we're full of tests, maybe it's because it's freezing outside, maybe it's because it was not so talked about, but it looks like this striking thing is getting boring.

Were the Fridays for Future just a trend? Are we fed up with it yet? Is walking down the streets and protesting becoming a standard thing and a not so cool one?

We don't know yet, time to find out. Stay tuned!
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