I'm the "creative" one

Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2019-11-28 in Pop
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Hi, I'm Sofia and I'm "the creative one".

I already hear you shout "Hi Sofia", as if we were in group therapy. I like it, also because that's the vibe for today's article. I'm about to open up, or spill the tea, if you will.

So, I've always been labelled as "creative". You know, there's the popular one, the intelligent one, the sporty one, the weird one and then there's me. The creative one. But what does it mean?
Well, us creative ones are actually a miscellaneous category. We're intelligent, but not intelligent enough to be "the intelligent ones" and we're weird, but not weird enough to be "the weird ones". We're the ones that are always drawing, or reading, or writing. We always ask strange questions in the middle of conversations that have nothing to do with them. And that's the first thing I want to talk about, because I know it's annoying, but I can't help it!

Listen, our brains work differently than normal people's brains (and I'm not saying we have some kind of disease, I know there are people that suffer from real brain illnesses, and I fully respect that, but this article is not about this).

I feel like us creative people think about so many things all at once and, sometimes, if we didn't say something about them we'd straight up explode. We're full of information, full of ideas, full of thoughts. ALL. THE. TIME. And that drives us crazy! No wonder we're a bit weird. Ok, really weird. But if you entered in my brain, you wouldn't survive ten minutes. New projects and ideas pop up every second and I have to follow them every time they do. EVERY. TIME.
That's also why I'm drawing all the time. I just need to keep myself busy, kinda like a footballer that keeps kicking the ball while he's chatting with somebody. It's something we do without thinking, but I assure you, we're still listening.

The creative ones are the artists, the ones that have a unique way of thinking and living, the ones who are constantly in another dimension, the ones who daydream, the ones who can understand life in a deeper way.

And I'm one of them.