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Published by Nehir, from Bruxelles on 2019-11-28 in Nerd
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Hey everyone!

Today I will talk about aNiMe because I've been watching some a lot lately and I'd like to share my top favourite animes and why:

1. Fairy Tail: Lots of action and fantasy. It's just the best anime of all time ever.
2. Yuri!!!On Ice: everything about it is adorable and since I love ice skating, I really enjoyed it.
3. The Seven Deadly Sins: very fantastic and loooots of action.
4. Your Lie In April: whenever I think about it again, I start sobbing. Such a powerful yet adorable anime!
5. Kimi Ni Todoke: my go to romance anime hehe.
6. Toradora!: I have no idea how to explain it but it was really adorable. It's your basic school life anime.

Okay if I don't stop now, I'll keep on listing the other 282948 animes I've watched haha!

That's pretty it for me and I hope you can also join the weeb culture by watching one of the animes I "recommended".

Have a lovely day!
the seven deadly sins
your lie in april
yuri on ice