Are we drowning?

Published by Marco Regazzi on 2019-11-21 in Eco
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We are all on a big boat and we're taking on water everywhere we look. And it looks like the life jackets have drowned too. A week ago at Teen Parade we tried to understand better the topic of environment. Talking with Marco Merola and other experts we got that we still have time to save the whole shebang, but what happened these days had me thinking.

It's raining a lot lately and it's not normal. And even if it was it's still a big pain in the ass because all the busses are late, it's always cold and my socks are always wet.
Some people say it's because of climate change, and honestly I don't know and maybe I never will. But I have to write down these things because my shoes don't have gills yet.
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And my shoes are an essential part of this story. They are a pair of brown Clarks and I really care about them, when I wear them I look at least 70 years older. Nevertheless, I like them so much that they're the only pair of shoes I have in my wardrobe.

The only flaw they have is that they're allergic to water and it takes just a drop to ruin them.
Now they look like Peter Pan's socks and it really pisses me off. It's not okay, and not just for my shoes. The whole of Italy is drowning in these heavy rains, and our boot now looks more like one of my wet Clarks.
It rains and it rains a lot. And Venice is becoming the symbol of what's happening these days. The City of Venice, Heritage of Humanity, and we're still managing to destroy it.
2 deaths, about a billion of Euros of damage and more than 150 cm of water. Like: being short as I am I have to wear water wings to walk. With flippers instead of Clarks and also a good amount of optimism, because Venice is magical anyways.

But what makes you think is the fact that the issue of high water is on the daily agenda of Venice. And we still didn't manage to control it. As if we were asking for it, as if no one knew that Venice is built on water and could drown with a light spring rain.
And even changing the place, it's always the same story. In Pisa the Arno was about to overflow. Matera, European Capital of Culture, was about to drown in her streets. And let's not go into displaced persons and closed schools. And no one is taking the responsibility for anything.
It really looks like no one knows how fragile our Earth is. Right now everybody is working on somehow solving this situation, but what if it happens again in one year? Will our efforts really mean something? People try to stay positive, but things like this make you feel truly useless.

And we can continue not to blame climate change and to just label it as bad weather all you want, but the truth is: something's happening and we're flooded ever more.
Maybe now is the time to take some measures to prevent these troubles. But what if no one respects them? What if Venice keeps drowning?
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We're all drowning. All of us. Even the shortest ones with water wings and the ones good at swimming. And the last thing we need to do in this mess is to give up. Is to think that nothing's going to change anyways. Because if it goes like that there will always be scandals like the MOSE one, incompetent people, wet socks, billions of Euros lost and no one will care about Venice anymore, because it will have disappeared.

So let's roll up our sleeves and do something, especially for my fucking shoes.
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