Season mania

Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2019-11-21 in Pop
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It's almost Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year! But, if you think about it, this is a all-year-round quote.
But let's start from the beginning.

Imagine you're a typical youtube user, following life-style youtubers (who are mostly American girls).
Let's say it's almost fall, and August has just started. Your notification will be all about back to school, fall and halloween. Halloween!!! Two months in advance!
And so you start to get in the mood for fall. The season of pumpkin spice lattes, beige and mustard scarves and berets, accompanied by ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes. You think it will stop after Halloween? Nah-ah. Right on november first you're gonna find the infamous notification: "Decorating my house for Christmas!"

And so you start again, with the 'real' most wonderful time of the year. So you get to black friday ready to get all your Xmas presents and to spend the day after watching black friday hauls. Then there's Vlogmas. A video every day till Christmas, and then the beautiful "What I got for Christmas" one after the other, enough to spend the entire 26th december's morning on youtube. You think they're gonna stop here? Oh honey, they've just started.
It's almost New Year! The season of goals for the year, fenomenal end-of-the-year parties and decluttering of closets, to get ready for some new shopping! Let's go to the gym, let's go on vacation, let's party!
And now? Well, it's still winter, isn't it? We're still in Winter Wonderland season! New sweaters, snow and ice skating!

Oh no! Now it's March! Well, it's almost spring break, isn't it? Bathing suits, spring clothes and Coachella! Let's say hi to the season of sun and music festivals!
It's not gonna end till end of summer, which is where we were before; beginning of august.
And now? Well, let's do it all over again!
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