Wear your fandom

Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2019-10-31 in Nerd
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Do you like wearing things from your fandom, but feel everybody's eyes on you, judging you? Did you quit wearing it, fearing that somebody could say something mean? Well, you should re-start wearing it. And here's why.

Firstable, fans are taking over the world. And they'll compliment you even on the smallest detail that suggests the fandom. It could be a pin or a necklace, they'll notice it for sure. Besides, if somebody said anything mean about it, they'll have angry fans coming after them. And nobody wants that. Nobody. Fans can be scary. I know that, I'm one of them.
But why should you wear your fandom? Well, I don't know about you, but I feel really powerful when I wear something from mine. I have many Batman shirts and I wear them when I have tests or important school presentations.
In those situations I'm always scared, but having the bat symbol on my heart really helps me. I mean, who wouldn't feel strong having Batman on their shirt? I feel like I'm a superhero, fighting against the bad guys (in this case the low marks).

One important tip is to try styling these fandom pieces into your outfits. Don't just wear sweatpants and a batman shirt, looking like you're emerging from your cave, after days of reading comics with no human interaction. That's what "normal people" think us fans are doing 24/7. Be a stylish fan instead! For example, in my presentation I wore a blazer over the shirt and a yellow watch to make the bat symbol pop more. Don't shy away from showing off the fandom item, incorporating it into the outfit.
Also, the best situation to wear something from a fandom is when you're meeting new people, like in the infamous first day of school. You want to make new friends? Your Batman shirt will be an awesome conversation starter, to talk to people who like the same thing as you!

Now go, my fellow stylish fan, go and conquer the world!