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UN Goals
Published by Mark D. on 2019-10-03 in Pop
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You know all those things that Miss Universe says before getting her crown?
I want peace in the world, everybody must have the same rights, I want to defeat poverty...
Here, we all should want those things, even the ugly ones like me who will never get to be Miss Universe. Some people even say that by 2030 the world will be a perfect place...
I found out about something that left me speechless because I knew nothing about it. The UN (which is a very important organisation I'm not gonna explain here bc it would take more than one article to cover that) in 2015 signed a program named 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Yeah, I know, the name isn't very cool but the idea is: the 193 UN countries wrote down 17 goals called Sustainable Development Goals that have to be reached by 2030, like the good resolutions we make with ourself at the beginning of the new year... Just, these are more important. Take a look.
AND I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ANY OF THIS! These are not resolutions, these are obligations! Common goals that regard every country and every person. No exceptions, nobody must be left behind because Miss Universe is not the only one to live on this planet. Some don't believe in this, it's easy to think that these are just dreams that will never be realised. But to make the world a better place we must believe in them. We're in 2019, we have 11 years to change things.
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And the most important thing is that these goals are destined to become a huge part of our lives. We will hear a lot about these, because Rome wasn't build in one day. Only when everyone will have made an effort for real we will consider ourselves satisfied. Here you can find the explanation to every Goal. Read them, share them and make your friends read them! This is the world of the future. And they say the only thing Misses are is good-looking...
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