School time in Norway

From Oslo, Norway
Published by Neva, from Oslo, Norway on 2019-08-22 in Detective
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Hey you guys!! I'm Neva and now I'm gonna talk about back to school time.... ugh I know it sucks! Summer is all fun and then out of no where school starts again! In Scandinavia all schools started this week, which means I'm now officially in 12th grade.
If it wasn't bad enough just starting school again after summer I also had to start a school where I don't know anyone. I moved to a new town last week and I only know one person here who is my age and he doesn't even go to the same school as me!
First day was terrifying, I go to a big school and everyone knew each other and so when I walked in I had no one to talk to, but then I just started to talk to some of the girls and they were all really cool.
If you are like me and you're starting a new school this year my biggest tips is to BE YOURSELF and just talk to people. It will be fine, it might take some days before you get some friends but just don't change to fit in. Luckily for me the first week of school is not a lot of work, it's mostly games and getting to know each other, which is good.

So for everyone starting school again soon or who has already started GOOD LUCK and I hope you have a great year!
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