BIDET: what is it and why is it so important

You may have seen it as the faithful companion of the more famous "WC"
Published by Charlie on 2018-04-11 in Nerd
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Today we're going to talk about a thing I think is the greatest invention of humanity so far.
To make you understand how important this is we also did an episode!
The bidet is a sanitary device usually paired with the toilet. They go together, you can't take one without the other. Its function is to wash intimate parts of your body whenever you feel like it. It's really useful especially because it can spare the trouble of taking a whole shower. And that is really good for two reasons: a) it's quicker b) it's environmentally friendly, by using the bidet you avoid wasting liters of water in the shower or a lot of toilet paper.
So that's good right?
At this point you would think that every civilized and affectionate-to-Planet Earth country would have this object in their mansion. But then why would I be writing this article?
The answer is no. Not only a lot of nations don't use the bidet, but there are even some countries that are not aware of its existence. And that is a huge problem, especially for those countries (like Italy, France and Portugal) that actually are in the habit of using bidet!
Do you know how frustrating it is when we travel outside our country and are forced to take a whole shower just to clean our intimate parts?

Please, do a favor to the world and equipe yourself with a bidet!
In Italy, for example, there is a decree that establishes that every household must have at least one bidet in their bathroom. IT IS LAW!
Also, there are some countries more advanced (like Japan) that have a technology in their toilet so basically you can do everything while sitting on the WC. They have some buttons you can push and (if you press the right one) a kind of small fountain that will splash water right in your intimate parts. That's a bit more invasive, but it depends on tastes.
So my message for today is: PUT A BIDET IN YOUR HOUSE, IT'S USEFUL I SWEAR!