How to concentrate when studying

Published by Charlie on 2019-06-27 in Detective
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I know what you're thinking... it's summer, why the heck should we care about how to concentrate when studying. Well, June is time for university exams and for high school graduation. Lots of people are actually struggling because all of their friends are at the beach or on vacation while they're sinking between books, power point presentations and documentary to watch. I am one of those poor people and for that reason I've decided to try to help.

I've learned that the type of method of concentration that you have to adopt it's different depending on the type of distraction that you're trying to avoid. I'll write some examples down here.

1. If you're trying to stay concentrated after long hours of studying you might find useful to take a break and eat something. Of course don't empty your entire fridge but a fruit or a tiny piece of chocolate could make your brain pause for a second and actually relax.

2. Sometimes, especially in summer, students stay at home most of their time. I noticed that the more I stayed still, the more I couldn't focus. That's why when I realize I'm not moving much, I take a brief walk or I stretch. It seems lame but it actually helps you to focus.
3. When you can't stop thinking about something else that keeps you from studying, take a piece of paper and write it down. Take a few minutes to empty your brain and then start again.

4. If you think the things you study are boring as hell, try and find a way to make them interesting. You could make diagrams or find a video on youtube on that topic.

5. When you're not entirely sure whether you understood a concept, explain it to someone who's not in your class to see if what you've learned still makes sense when said out loud.

Of course these are just five among the billion ways to stay concentrated, but I let you guys know the ones which work the most for me.

Let me know what you think!