Big Challenge Festival we're coming!

16-19th June, Trondheim (Norway)
Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2019-06-13 in Events
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Hey guys! We just finished our last episode (in English) for the Big Challenge Festival! For the cherry on top, we had an interview with Donna Zuckerberg and Thea Thorsen! They gave a very important speech about misogyny on the internet and we found out that there are many groups of men on social media who basically just hate women. If you want to know more about this listen to the episode!
We are very happy to have been here to tell all about the science, technology and big challenges of the future! We now to know a lot more about all of this, and we're grateful we do because it will be our future, we have to know about that!

We are going to leave Trondheim tomorrow but we thank everyone for welcoming us here and for letting us stay here! Goodbye, Big Challenge Festival!

This is our last day here in Trondheim (don't worry, we'll continue to do episodes!) and we ask if the ices melt what we can do and what we unavoidably will have to do to save ourselves. Do you have any ideas? Listen to us to know ours!
We made it to the end of the third day! We made our last episode and then off to tomorrow!

Do ever ask how it could be to feel and move like an old person? We tried it and we explain it in this episode, but this is not everything. We interviewed Roberto Verganti, Italian teacher, we've been at the Patti Smith concert (my mother is so jealous!), actually, we're doing a lot of things! Stay tuned to know everything about what we did!
So, guys, we will see you tomorrow for the last day of the Festival! Stay tuned!
Soooo guys! We're halfway through the third day and we just came off the stage in which we have made our slot! It was really exciting and we talked about our own big challenges! Like, are we willing to give up traveling by plane not to pollute too much? Are we willing to eat worms for the rest of our lives?

Listen to the episode to find out!
As you can see in this video we also organized a worm-eating competition between the guests we had! We wanted to find out who would be the most likely to survive in the future!

Good morning guyss! This is our third day at The Big Challenge Festival in Trondheim. As you might already have read, yesterday we tried to eat some...WORMS!

At first it was quite disgusting (as you can see in the photo below), but you know what? It seems like they are one of the only options for our future. So in our first episode of the day we explained how they taste and why they are a good option. We also had a cooking competition worms and make fantastic dish, listen to us!
If you guys want to know more about the big challenges humanity will be facing, listen to our radio show on the stage this afternoon at 3 PM!
Heeey! We're back!

Today in the second episode of the day we interviewed a student from a group that built up a Formula car in just 8 months! It's really great, every time we pass through the avenue we see this beautiful car they're exposing!

If you want to know more, listen to the episode!
Then while we were on the move we went to one of the bridges (yes, there are many of them) called the Flower Bridge. The view was really amazing and the bridge was full of flowers (yeah, no sh*t), even if we were hated by the cyclers on the bicycle lane!

We made an episode asking our Norwegian friends why they do the things they do, I mean, given that we came here, we already noticed some things that upset us! They eat very early and they have different colors for license plates!
If you liked these episodes, make sure to follow us tomorrow as well and stay tuned because we will have many interviews and an easter egg!
Hi guys!! Today we have a very big news for you...
Let's carefully observe the first human beings to test the fast food of the future!!
We made it to the second day of the Big Challenge Festival! The first topic of the day is nanotechnologies! We tried to understand what those are, but most importantly, what can they do for us?

Did you know that nanotechnology could turn our body sweat into energy? Or that it could cure cancer before even it spreads?
This is a huge topic and if you want to know more just listen to the episode!
We're back! The day is over and it was so interesting! We finally attended to Edward Snowden's and Ben Goldacre's lectures and they were really interesting! If you want to know what they talked about, we told that in our episode! Why did Snowden do what he did?
In the next episode, we had the interview with Kate Marvel, a NASA scientist who's studying clouds to understand their behavior. Are clouds going to help prevent global warming?

Then, going around the city we discovered a stand that taught people how to dress in a sustainable way. Did you know that the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? In this episode, you can find some tips on how to dress without harming the planet!
And finally, here's a video of how the place here looks like! See you tomorrow at 11 am!

Hey people! We landed in Trondheim! The Big Challenge Festival starts today and we are really excited!
We actually arrived yesterday in the afternoon and we took a look around the city. It's really typical, with all the houses facing the sea and the bridges almost everywhere, we love it!
Here the sun never sets, and we were pretty shocked yesterday when we were walking down the streets with the sky still lit by the afternoon light and our clocks saying it was actually midnight. Really?? It's midnight?? Then why don't you act like it??

Anyways, we made an episode this morning complaining about this, but most importantly, explaining what we're gonna do here and the program of the Festival! Listen to it!
Today there will be two amazing lectures by Edward Snowden and Ben Goldacre, and we can't wait to attend to them!
We will tell you all about everything that happens in the next episode at 15.00!

We will tell you all about what happens, don't worry. But if you want to be more into the Big Challenge Festival, the whole thing is being live streamed! You can follow everything here!

Hey guys! A little update for you all.
Tomorrow we are leaving for Trondheim (Norway) for the Big Challenge Festival, a huge science event organized by NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

We are pretty excited because there will be a lot of interesting things to do but most importantly to tell! Yes, because we will be broadcasting live through all the duration of the event, from the 16th to the 19th of June!
If you want to know what's going on there, you can listen to our episodes!

We will try our best to make you feel like you were packed inside one of our luggage and landed in Trondheim with us!

Here are the times of our shows!

11:00 What if... - We're constantly gonna be in contact with scientists, inventors and people that will tell us what great things could be part of our future (robots, etc..), in this show we will try to imagine what would really happen if those things are actually put in our daily life

15:00 On our Cargo Lab we will go around Trondheim to tell all the events in the city

17:00 when concerts are about to start we are ready to interview all the guests at the Festival

If you're gonna be there (but I feel you need to know this even if you'll just listen to our episodes) you're surely gonna see us because we will be broadcasting from two different radio stations of ours!

There is the Cargo Lab, which you can see in the photo above, which is literally a bicycle that allows us to go live while on the move. This is really cool to do and even to see, I bet.
And then there's Lucy's Desk, which is a stable station that we will leave in the hall of the Olavshallen, the auditorium where the main program of the Big Challenge Festival takes place.

There are several things happening all at the same time, there is the main program and there's a city program. If you want to know more about it you can visit the website of the Festival!

Stay tuned because we will be updating our trip! You can follow everything here on the website!
Hei alle sammen! (which is supposed to mean "Hello everyone" in Norwegian)

From the 16th to the 19th of June, Radioimmaginaria will partecipate to The Big Challenge Festival, the science festival organised by NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). This year it's the first edition and it will take place in Trondheim, Norway.
We will be there to broadcast live, make interviews and we also have a slot on the main stage of the event (what we're going to do is still a surprise). We're really looking forward to it!

There will be lots of activities, conferences, workshops dealing with environmental issues, science, innovation and a long list of amazing guests such as Edward Snowden, Donna Zuckerberg and some veeeery famous artists like STING!

So guys, just stay tuned and follow us during our new adventure!
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