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Published by Charlie on 2019-05-23 in Eco
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Hey fellas! We're on a mission from the future. Don't worry, it's not a threat! On the 15th of March with the first Global Strike we made a little piece of history. Thousands of teenagers like us covered the streets and squares all over the world to protest against climate change, that is currently destroying our planet.

Lots of people criticized us by saying that we're just children who want to skip school. That's why we decided to show them one more time what a pain in the ass we can be!
Today, the 24th of May, it's a special day. The same teenagers who protested two months ago, will strike again, grown in numbers and motivation. We want to be sure everyone knows that we really care for the planet. Radioimmaginaria doesn't want to miss the chance and we decided to participate with a 10 hours long live broadcast, to tell about strikes, events and thoughts of teens all over the world.

Our on air transmission will begin from Naples at 10 am, and with the Cargobike, our radio-bicycle, we will follow the demonstration that will start in Piazza Garibaldi, to finish in Piazza Municipio.

Lots of guests and people from 42 different cities in 10 different countries will be connected with us, from Seoul to Sanremo, from Rimini to Taiwan, passing through Barcellona, Bruxelles and London.

We will interview Naples' mayor, de Magistris, Oliviero Toscani (photographer) and lots of scientists, ready to explain to us what dramatic things are happening.
If you want to demonstrate with us, send some pictures, videos or vocal messages from your cities to our email [email protected].

This is the great revolution of our generation. Let's show everyone what we can do!
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