After Lisa's ROCKSTAR what is the future of Blackpink?

Published by Luna S on 2024-07-08 in Nerd
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"Rockstar" is a song by Thai rapper and singer Lisa, released on June 28, 2024, through Lloud and RCA Records. This track marks her return as a solo artist after three years and represents her first release under Lloud and RCA labels following her departure from YG Entertainment, the agency with which she debuted in the famous group Blackpink.

The idea that Lisa, along with the other Blackpink members – Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie – could embark on solo careers has always excited me. The possibility for Lisa to release new songs under her own label, with full creative freedom, has indeed fueled many fans' expectations.
musical notes
Although I do not consider "Rockstar" a masterpiece of musical writing, I acknowledge that the track possesses a certain authenticity. The lyrics are rather immature, and while I expected more from an artist like Lisa, the song still manages to be enjoyable. At the very least, this project seems to reflect Lisa's personal experiences more closely. The song touches, among other things, on the prejudices and stereotypes that Asian people often have to face. Lisa, in particular, has had to deal with the difficulty of being taken seriously for her Thai origin and culture, often being mistaken for Korean or Japanese.

The key artistic element of "Rockstar" is undoubtedly the music video. It celebrates Lisa's Thai heritage and offers high-level choreography. Although it is not a profound song and does not stand out for its exceptional quality, I would not call it superficial or merely commercial.
"Rockstar" represents not only a significant step in Lisa's solo career but also raises questions about the future of Blackpink. In December, the singers refused to renew their individual contracts with their long-time label/agency YG Entertainment. The press, however, has not released official statements regarding the group contracts. Blackpink has not released any significant new tracks (not counting "THE GIRLS" since it was a video game soundtrack) for almost two years, an unusual period in the K-pop world. Comments and messages on the internet suggest a possible disbandment of the group.

Jennie has launched a new project called Odd Atelier, while Lisa has joined Lloud and RCA Records. Jisoo seems to have embarked on a promising film career, followed by Rosé, who has recently delved further into the fashion world. The members are undoubtedly following their passions, even if this creates uncertainty about the group's future.
In conclusion, "Rockstar" might not be a revolutionary track, but it represents an important artistic evolution for Lisa and an indication of the future potential of Blackpink as solo artists.