Zombie by Everglow: Review of the Latest Single

Published by Luna S on 2024-07-01 in Nerd
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"Zombie" is officially the fifth single album by the female K-pop group EVERGLOW. Released on June 10, it contains three tracks: "Colourz," "Back 2 Luv," and, of course, "ZOMBIE," which serves as the title track.

EVERGLOW, a group that debuted in 2019, consists of six members: E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren. Their last comeback was 10 months ago with "All My Girls," an album I had the pleasure of reviewing. "All My Girls," in some stylistic aspects, connects to "Zombie." Personally, I find this group's concepts very captivating, providing energetic, feminine vibes with a touch of dark elements.
musical notes
The new single is described by the singers as a hip-hop song with lyrics that "paint the bittersweet emotions felt when hurt in love." This track departs from EVERGLOW's usual work, which focus on self-confidence, with songs like "SLAY" and "Pirate." I particularly appreciated the figure of the zombie as a subtle metaphor to describe the bitterness following the end of a relationship.

Beyond the hip-hop element, the song is also characterized by a melodic yet sinister base, further accentuated by the choreography, which attempts to replicate the disjointed movements of zombies without appearing uncoordinated. This fusion of musical and visual elements creates a hypnotic effect that captures the viewer's attention. Plus this comeback gives me premium Dreamcatcher vibes, a kpop group I admire for its bold concept and rock music.
The music video stands out for alternating moments of choreography with sequences that seem taken by a security camera footage. This stylistic choice, which gives the impression that zombies have indeed escaped from the lab where the story takes place, is a choice I highly appreciated. The direction manages to convey a sense of controlled chaos, maintaining high visual tension.

In summary, "Zombie" presents itself as an album that highlights the true potential of EVERGLOW, a group that has long been overlooked by both K-pop fans and, most importantly, their own agency. This work is recommended for those who appreciate subtle dark vibes and more sci-fi concepts in K-pop music videos. The combination of catchy melodies, impressive choreography, and well-crafted visual aesthetics makes "Zombie" a noteworthy release in the current K-pop landscape.
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