Aespa Armageddon: Review of the Album

Published by Luna S on 2024-05-31 in Nerd
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aespa has officially returned with a new exciting album titled Armageddon. Released by SM Entertainment on May 27, the album contains a total of 10 tracks, including the two promotional singles Supernova andArmageddon. As often happens in the world of K-pop, the song "Supernova" was released in advance on May 13 to promote the entire album, stirring up fan excitement and filling the internet with memes and inspired choreography.

This album marks a return to the roots for aespa's concepts. While the group had strayed from their debut style with songs like My World, Better Things, and Drama, they now seem to be diving back in with both feet. In fact, I found the music videos even more eccentric than before, particularly appreciating the touch of irony and the comedic scenes. A notable example is the scene in Supernova where a table sweeps away the members of aespa as they dance, a nonsensical sequence that amused me greatly.
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Besides the two main tracks, special mention should be given to Set the Tone, Mine, and Licorice, which are my favorites from the album so far. These songs are characterized by a techno base, excellent vocal performances, and an engaging rhythm that perfectly matches the post-apocalyptic tones of the entire album.

The concept of Armageddon is something innovative in the landscape of female K-pop. Although other groups like Itzy or Dreamcatcher have experimented with apocalyptic themes, none have reached the levels of pseudo-horror and cyberpunk that aespa proposes. Overall, I can say that I really enjoyed this album, seeing it as a great "return to the origins." However, it will be hard for me to close the Drama era, my favorite so far, so quickly.

With Armageddon, aespa once again demonstrate their ability to reinvent themselves and surprise the audience with new ideas, confirming themselves as one of the most innovative forces in contemporary K-pop.