Clichés from movies where it's not advisable to act like the protagonists

Published by Luna S. on 2024-04-05 in Nerd
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At some point, we've all found ourselves escaping reality, dreaming of strolling through the corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or sneaking a peek into the houses of Camp Half-Blood. Sometimes, we feel the need for an adventure similar to those experienced by our favorite characters. However, before fully indulging in these thoughts, it's important to remember that we're not as lucky as the protagonists of these stories, and not everyone can rely on a "plot twist." In certain situations, trust me, it would be wiser to act with a bit of common sense rather than emulating them.

The place where no one returns

Whether it's a dark forest, a mysterious underground tunnel, or a desolate ghost town, every saga worth its salt features a place steeped in dark legends. When the passing traveler tells tales of hundreds of people massacred or mysteriously vanished in those places, our protagonist, scoffing with self-assurance, prepares to explore them. However, they're mistaken: we won't follow their example. The fact that no one has ever returned from those dangerous places could indicate a serious risk, and there's no guarantee it won't happen to us as well. We'll opt for a less adventurous route, perhaps a stroll around the lake, where the only danger is posed by hungry ducks.

One against all

The clichés of "one against all" battles are a recurring element in many action and adventure films, where the protagonist often finds themselves facing a horde of enemies alone. Despite this situation generating moments of tension and spectacle on screen, it's essential to assess its realistic feasibility. Take Luna (the author of this article), for example, a girl barely a meter tall and as fit as a two-year-old artichoke. In this context, her chances of success would be extremely limited even against a single enemy, let alone facing an entire legion. Therefore, the most prudent strategy would be to avoid confronting such a considerable number of enemies alone, opting instead for a dignified retreat (or seeking help from others).
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Stay away from sinister places

I never cease to wonder: despite the abundance of horror films to which the last three generations have been exposed, there are still people who see an abandoned house in the woods and exclaim, "How lovely, let's explore it!" Or worse: "Let's split up"! Although it may seem tempting to explore mysterious and eerie places, we prefer to avoid becoming the next meal for local monsters or ghosts. It doesn't matter if it's pouring rain or if the car is stuck in the mud. I'd rather catch the plague than venture into some hidden cellar of such an unsettling place, and I believe it's reasonable for you not to do it either.

In a fascinating world like that of stories and movies, it's easy to get carried away by the idea of emulating our favorite heroes. However, even though aware of the risk of not being as charming as the protagonists, remaining anchored to reality and acting sensibly can often be the wisest choice.