Toxic positivity

Toxic positivity: Why you shouldn’t stay positive
Published by Sofia on 2024-03-22 in Pop
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Hello everyone!

My name is Sofia and I usually tend to look to the bright side of things. I like to maintain a positive attitude, cause I deeply believe that it can make your life more bearable.

The problem is that we can't be positive 24/7. Us humans can feel a multitude of emotions and we should feel all of them, not only the positive ones.

On the Internet you will find many motivational posts telling you to stay positive, but, honestly, I think they're plain wrong. You shouldn't feel like you can't express all of your emotions. Don't feel guilty for feeling sad or anxious or jealous or angry.
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What I'm trying to say is that of course we should all have a positive attitude, but we should also be able to feel all of our emotions without feeling guilty. Don't beat yourself up if you're upset about something for a while. Just know that it will pass, cause, you know, feelings are temporary, and then you will be positive again. Just don't let that positivity become toxic.

So, this is all folks! Remember that you're not alone. You're loved.
Take care.