How sagas influenced my teen ages

Published by Luna S. on 2024-03-15 in Nerd
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The sagas represented a crucial phase in my adolescence and continue to exert a strong appeal on me. This has led me to reflect on why young people are so attracted to the world of sagas.

But first of all, let's understand exactly what we mean: the word "saga" derives from Icelandic and referred to a collection of stories concerning the exploits of brave men belonging to ancient Scandinavian peoples, Germanic tribes, not to mention the early Viking voyages, migrations to Iceland, and the feuds of Icelandic dynasties.

However, in today's culture, and particularly in fandom jargon, the term is extended to any series of works (from novels to video games) that are part of a coherent universe.
When we think of sagas, we often think of the fantastical worlds of the fantasy genre, such as those of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Hunger Games. These universes offer thrilling adventures, magical creatures, and extraordinary places that capture the imagination of young people. The possibility of escaping reality and immersing oneself in alternative worlds can be extremely captivating and stimulating.

Furthermore, the protagonists of sagas are often young or adolescent, with whom readers can easily identify. Seeing characters of their own age face challenges and grow can be inspiring and help young people find ways to confront their own personal challenges.
It should also be emphasized that sagas offer not only entertainment but also a sense of belonging to a community. Being part of a fandom involves sharing common interests and provides valuable support, especially for young people dealing with daily stress or wanting to distract themselves from worries.

However, sagas offer much more than just adventure stories. They explore deep themes and convey important values. For example, Harry Potter teaches us the value of friendship and courage, while Percy Jackson encourages us to overcome difficulties. And let's not forget Divergent, which urges us to challenge the fear of the different. The protagonists of sagas often demonstrate strong determination in pursuing their goals despite obstacles. A striking example is Katniss Everdeen's determination to rebel against the oppressive system of the Capitol.
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Finally, it's important to note that sagas are not limited to the fantasy genre. There are sagas in various genres, such as science fiction or magical realism, which offer equally engaging and meaningful experiences.

Ultimately, no matter what the saga, each can contribute to appreciating the power of stories and conveying different values. These stories, with their determined heroes and epic feats, continue to inspire and remain alive in my heart even beyond adolescence.