I went to my first K-pop concert (ft Dreamcatcher)!

Published by Luna S on 2024-03-08 in Nerd
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I went to my first K-pop concert, and what a concert! On Wednesday, February 28th, in Milan, I had the privilege of attending a stop of Dreamcatcher's world tour (named Luck inside 7 doors), a K-pop girl group known for their alternative genre combined with "darker" concepts. For quite some time, I've been appreciating their songs and music videos (as soon as I listened to BOCA, I went to check their entire playlist) but always through a screen. Seeing these 7 talented girls in front of me for the first time was surreal.

Despite Trenitalia deciding to play a prank on me by canceling my trip (I ended up arriving literally 2 minutes before the start), I'm glad that this concert is my first memory of a live music experience. The energy expressed by their performances was extraordinary, and the use of instruments much more professional than the crackling speakers of my computer gave a new vibe to the tracks that I had never had the opportunity to listen.
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But what made this concert truly special was the interaction with the audience. Throughout the evening, the audience sang and cheered for JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon, and they made every effort to give us the best night of our lives. Dreamcatcher tried to speak in Italian, despite some grammatical uncertainties, showing impeccable dedication to making their fans feel involved and appreciated.

What K-pop artists can boast is something superior to just a concert because their songs turn into real performances with moments of dance, visuals, and attention to their fans that few "Western" artists can match. As you might have guessed, the experience was so engaging that I can't wait to attend more concerts of this genre (as much as possible, given that unfortunately, few Korean groups choose Italy as a stop for their tours). Dreamcatcher, know that we are still waiting for you!