Winx Club turns 20!

Winx Club turns 20!: our favourite fairies are officially vintage!
Published by Luna and Sofia on 2024-02-02 in Pop
Hello, Luna here! It's official, we've become old enough to witness the 20th anniversary of the Winx. On January 27, 2004, the first episode of Winx Club was released, the well-known cartoon produced by the Italian Iginio Straffi. These fairies, however cringe or childish they may seem to us now, were an important and obsessive phase in the childhood of many girls and boys, including us.

I still remember when my sister and I would cling to the TV for hours, endlessly watching the same episodes. I recall returning happily from the toy store, clutching my new trophy: a Winx doll to add to the collection, perfect for decorating the house with glitter and various pieces of wings.
Sofia here! I've been watching Winx Club ever since I was a little girl and even today I vividly remember so many scenes from the show. My favorite Winx is Musa; the fairy of music. She has super cool powers and is really talented, plus she has blue hair, just like me! Well, okay, I only have two dyed strands, but still, it counts! The Winx were a big part of my and millions of other girls' childhood, especially here in Italy.

I still perfectly remember the first season's theme song (which came out in 2004, although obviously I saw it a little later) and sometimes, when I start singing it, at a party, or even at school, other girls join me, almost as if it were a secret club's call (the Winx Club ehehe). I once did it in my high school's bathroom and I could have sworn I heard a voice singing it with me from the closed door of one of the stalls! I'm happy that, even after all these years, the Winx are still here, bringing a little magic into our lives!