Perfect Christmas Gifts for Fangirls and Fanboys

Published by Luna S on 2023-12-15 in Nerd
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The time of year has come when one must seriously engage in the search for Christmas gifts for friends and family. The period marked by the familiar "yeah, I have time" is now over. If you find yourself desperately searching for the perfect gift for your fangirl (or fanboy, of course) friend who never seems to be satisfied, you're in the right place!
A Warm and Cozy Blanket:

Sitting in front of the computer for hours playing video games or having yet another movie marathon can bring on cold and muscle aches. Be a good friend and protect your fangirl with a warm blanket.

Coffee, Lots and Lots of Coffee:

Recent studies show that nerdiness is proportionally related to caffeine intake. Purchasing a coffee factory should cover their annual dose and maybe even get them through the third season of their favorite series in a single night.
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Their Favorite Character:

Capturing and wrapping up a person might be challenging, but why not give it a try? This will prove the true value of your friendship. Alternatively, kidnapping a cosplayer from some comic-con could be equally satisfying, as your fan will be so happy they won't even realize it's a fake.

An All-Inclusive Trip to Visit the Set of Their Favorite Saga:

A perfect gift to get them out of the house and experiencing a light brighter than the monitor. It might even be the beginning of a new era called "Social Life."
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