I like math!

I like math!: Who said math has to suck?
Published by Noe on 2023-12-15 in Pop
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I like math a lot. People always have the same reaction when I say this: most stare at me in disbelief as if I had revealed that I won the lottery, while a minority of the world's population, small enough to count on one hand, understands and supports me. Am I a loser? Maybe, but that won't change my mind. Math is beautiful because it's my way of seeing and describing the world.
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Anything around us can be described through a formula. Everything, even in sport: the wheels' movement in Formula 1, your favorite footballer's shot, the way a knocked out boxer falls... In fact, I'll tell you more! Mathematics, physics and in general 90% of the subjects that you probably hate, are much more similar to sports than you might think. There are even math Olympics!
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I know, I know... Many consider them competitions between nerds who'll forever remain imprisoned in the exercise book's boxes, but who said that doing homework or solving problems couldn't also be a kind of sport!? In the end it all depends on the way we see things. Try it! You'll realize that in reality, all those difficult things that they make us study at school are nothing more than a challenge to overcome, a game to win. Not against math, but against ourselves. So, what do you think? Will you play the game?