The Expensive World of Rapunzel

The Expensive World of Rapunzel: Why has Rapunzel cost more than any Disney film?
Published by Luna on 2023-12-01 in Nerd
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Some time ago, while browsing through countless film rankings on the internet, I came across a surprising discovery regarding the budgets of Disney films. Contrary to the expectations set by more known productions like Frozen or highly hyped CGI-based live-action films, the most expensive classic Disney film of all time turned out to be... Rapunzel: Tangled.

To celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of the film, released in theaters on November 26, 2010, in this article, I will analyze the reasons that led to a budget of $260 million, placing it in second place at the time of the release, after Pirates of the Caribbean in 2007, as the most expensive film ever (now ranking 9th).
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According to some sources, the primary reason for this high cost lies in the long preparation of the screenplay, which was the object of continuous changes. An adaptation of the Grimm brothers' fairy tale Rapunzel was already discussed in 1996 under the supervision of Glen Keane, a prominent Disney animator.

Once the suitable story was decided (it was rewritten three times to match an evolving audience), the challenge of managing the computer graphics behind the film frames arose. Indeed, the distinctive style of later animated films from Disney was experimented in Rapunzel, inflating both costs and the time required to develop custom software.
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Another significant undertaking was to make perfect and realistic the most crucial element of the story: Rapunzel's long luminescent hair. Glen Keane revealed that there are 140,000 individual hairs in the film, and animating them was a difficult task: "We spent six years just trying to control the hair!"

Despite these colossal efforts, the film achieved a positive success, collecting $600 million and enchanting and entertaining millions of children worldwide, myself included."

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