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Magical girls: the best types of characters
Published by Sofia on 2024-01-12 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

My name is Sofia and one of my favorite types of characters in tv series, books and movies are magical girls! You know, girls like the Winx, Sailor Moon & co, the W.I.T.C.H., Miraculous Ladybug, etc. Also, all those girls in various anime who made up groups where each one had a specific color and power. Examples of these are the Glitter Force (all iterations) and Pretty Cure.

They were the it girls back when I was a bit younger and I watched them on TV every single day. But, let's be honest, they're also coming back nowadays, with some reboots. They've always been so cool and incredible and today I want to list some of the characteristics you need to have to be considered a magical girl. Let's get started!
a bunch of magical girls
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1- Magical powers (duh)

Of course, you need to have some powers. They could be over certain natural elements like with the Winx or W.I.T.C.H. (shout out to the Avatar girls too), or maybe linked to the gadgets they get their powers from (like in Miraculous).

2- Colorful costumes

It is a truth universally acknowledged that color makes everything so much better. Usually in many magical girl groups each girl has her own color palette. Many times (especially in anime) that's also the color of their hair, and (almost) every time, the protagonist has either pink or red hair.

The costumes need to be similar and coordinated, they need to look like they're part of the same set, but also have some personality and be true to the girl's taste and style. For example with different cuts. Which brings me to my next point.
a bunch of magical girls
illustration by Sofia A

3- A specific personality and style

In all magical girl groups you have different personalities and styles, which almost always follow the same archetypes. You have the leader, the sassy one, the intelligent one, the sporty one (she's usually the one who has the most "masculine style", and she almost never wears skirts), the fashionista, and so on.

They do tend to be one-dimensional, especially the earliest ones, but they do have some sort of character development, in different capacities. Also, their style usually fits really well with their personality and, many times, they wear their costumes' color palette even on their normal clothes.

4- A cute pet

This can vary, but many times magical girls are accompanied by cute pets, who, sometimes, can also talk. In Winx Club, for example, you have Kiko and, in the fourth season, many new magical pets arrive (I'm convinced this was a marketing strategy to sell more toys, but they're really cute, so I don't mind). Also, in Miraculous Ladybug, Marinette has Tikki and the Kwamis, who do talk and, sometimes, function as their holder's conscience, giving them advice.
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5- Villains who wait for them to transform

As we all know, a magical girl needs to do an entire choreographed dance performance in order to transform into her magical self (read: to change into her costume). This takes A LOT of time, or, at least, on the screen. There's a theory that says that it doesn't take them that long to transform, but they actually do it in a time warp.

Regardless of that theory, I know villains need to have a lot of patience to wait for them to get ready. Also, they need a lot of stupidity too, cause it'd be a lot easier to just attack them before or while they're transforming. But if they did, we wouldn't get a whole show, would we? So I guess it's okay they just wait for them.

So, this is all folks! How many of these characteristics do you have? Are you a magical girl? Let us know with an email to [email protected], or a DM to our Instagram page @radioimmaginaria.

I'll see you next time!