I have tickets to see Taylor Swift!

I have tickets to see Taylor Swift!: And I feel like I’ve won the Olympics!
Published by Luvi on 2023-12-08 in Pop
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In July 2024 I'm going to San Siro Stadium in Milan, but not to watch a football match. Actually, now that I think about it, I've never been to San Siro Stadium to watch things other than concerts. I'm proudly one of the "few" lucky people who were able to get tickets to go see Taylor Swift's concert, The Eras Tour.

A three-hours-long concert where Taylor will sing all her most popular songs, from all her albums (including the ones that, because of Covid, have never been sung live).

Probably the most famous thing about this concert isn't the show itself, but the real-life Hunger Games to get the tickets.

I have to say that now that I have them in my hands I feel like I've won the Olympics, because the whole process has been a proper competition. Apparently you were only fighting against TicketOne and maybe your Internet connection, but in reality you were virtually elbowing all the other millions of people that at the same time were trying to get a place to the same event.

To tell the truth, I didn't even get them the actual day they started selling, but thanks to a second-chance sorting in the following days. I can say I've done enough physical activity for this year.
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In Argentina some people camped for 5 months!

Another reason why this Tour is talked about so much is that people have literally gone crazy. In Argentina people have camped for 5 months to be sure to have a place in the front row. Also, you have to think about the fact that the Tour's concerts take place in stadiums and arenas, where mainly sport events take place.

Imagine you're getting in the stadium to see a football match and you need to be careful not to step on some fan with their tents who's been waiting since June for a concert that's going to take place in November.

But, if you think about it, with me there'll be many people who probably don't have such a great wish to go to a stadium to watch a football match, but who, at the same time, are grateful such big places to have concerts in exist, because probably, without a place as spacious as san Siro, Taylor Swift would've never come to Italy.

This being said, by now Taylor has filled (for many consecutive days) all the biggest American stadiums and in a while she's going to be doing that in Europe too. We could say that, in a little while, all these sacred sports temples will be remembered as the home of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, no matter what all those people who can't stand her want <3.