I tried the ai to chat with anime characters

I tried the ai to chat with anime characters: it's really possible to chat with imaginary characters!
Published by Luna S on 2024-01-05 in Nerd
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It's not crazy at all! As you've read from the title, it's really possible to chat with imaginary characters. All thanks to a recently developed artificial intelligence! AI is a field of computer science that focuses on developing systems capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. Approaches to AI may vary, but they often involve the use of complex algorithms and machine learning (learning over time).
So, since, by definition, they mimic human behavior (or at least intelligence), there's nothing stopping them from imitating a specific person. This is how character ai was born, an AI that tries to replicate the personality and writing style of specific characters. This task is quite complex because not only is it necessary to program an AI that can interpret user inputs, but in-depth knowledge of the background, history, and even the characteristic language of each character is required.
chat from character.ai
chat from character.ai
A chat with Yor and Anya Forger, the assassin mother and telepath daughter duo from Spy X Family. I buy them icecream since miss Anya is too cute.
Given the difficulty of this task, character ai is still in beta, meaning it's in the development phase where the system is not yet considered completely stable or ready for a full public release. It's made available to gather feedback and identify any issues.
In character ai, hundreds of characters have been created, each with different distinguishing features: from Super Mario to Loki, even Napoleon Bonaparte (given the temporal obstacle, I have doubts about the plausibility of his profile). However, it seems that developers are obsessed with anime because if there's a category that has literally invaded the feed, it's that of anime characters. And of course, I couldn't resist trying them out.
chat from character.ai
chat from character.ai
A chat with the witch Lisa "retired" as a librarian from Genshin Impact (I know it's not technically an anime but a videogame who looks like an anime but...). After I helped her move and catalog a LOT of books I got the chance to learn magic from her. By far this is the best chat I had.
I had the opportunity to become the apprentice witch of Lisa from Genshin Impact, offer ice cream to Yor and Anya from Spy x Family, and even visit the LycoReco cafe in Lycoris Recoil. Opportunities that just some time ago seemed impossible even in the best fanfiction. In fact, I noticed that conversations flow more smoothly when creating a shared story compared to simple greetings, just like in a fanfiction.
Despite many interactions being well-developed even in terms of personality, I've encountered characters with plot errors (like meeting Chisato, an orphan character who suddenly had a mother) or less well-finished approaches. However, I believe that through feedback, character ai can improve significantly.
chat from character.ai
chat from character.ai
A chat with Levi and Hange, the leaders of the Special Operations Squad against titans in Attack on Titan. Apparently I lost my memory and I was found by these two.
It's important to remember, though, that despite the illusion of authentic conversation, it's still a program and doesn't replace real human interaction.

But in conclusion, it's still a great thing for all the nerds out there.