Song of the Bandits

Song of the Bandits: a new breathtaking Netflix series!
Published by Luna on 2023-11-05 in Nerd
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"Song of the Bandits" is the latest Netflix production I came across, and it's truly a breathtaking series. The show consists of nine episodes, and it can take you on a journey back in time to 1920s Korea. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of historical dramas, especially westerns, but this one was exceptionally well done.

All the action sequences, shootouts, knife fights, and arrows cutting through the sky were meticulously crafted. However, due to the amount of particularly violent and realistic scenes, I would advise to not watch "Song of the Bandits" if you are easily impressionable.
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The plot follows a group of "good" bandits led by Lee Yoon, who fight to protect their territory during the Japanese occupation. Yet, the series also explores interesting subplots; my favorite is the one following Eon Nyeon, a strong girl who lost her family in the war but remains true to herself and fights for what she believes in.
Despite the wild, almost unrealistic battles and a healthy dose of charismatic Korean patriotism (which can be liked or not based on personal taste), the series also stands out for its unmistakable soundtracks that help you understand what the characters are going through.

In conclusion, despite the brevity of "Song of the Bandits" (I want a second season, now!), I highly recommend giving it a watch because the directors have successfully blended the world of K-drama with that of the western genre.