Dying lakes and renewable energy

Let's balance out: a good news and a bad one about the climate crisis
Published by Marco from Sangio on 2023-10-27 in Eco
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Let’s balance out: what is it?

It's not as bad as it seems. Or maybe it is.

This is "Let's balance out" and here you'll read, once a week, a good news and a bad one about the climate crisis. Shall we start?

What do you want first? The good or the bad one?

Bad news: Prespa Lake is dying!

Between the Balkan Mountains the legendary Prespa Lake is drying up, which is a big problem both for the inhabitants of the area and for the fishermen who can't even get their boats on the water. Prespa Lake is situated between North Macedonia, Albania and Greece, it was formed around 2 million years ago and it's one of the most ancient lakes in all of Europe, but now its water level is one of the lowest ever recorded in the last centuries...

Already since the 60s the water level has lowered by around 8 meters and the lake has lost part of its volume and surface. The situation doesn't seem to be getting better...

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Good news: More funds for renewable energy!

In Sicily a fund of 28,2 millions of euros has been created to finance the development of agriturismos, camping sites, educational farms and other sustainable projects for the Planet. This call is open to entrepreneurs and agricole societies and the creation of these establishments will be fundamental to revitalize the area. Maybe it seems like a very small thing to you, but it actually is an enormous step forward.

Think about how cool it'd be if in the future, thanks to initiatives such as this one, we could make schools, stadiums, sports arenas and many more places where we spend our time more sustainable!

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